Rörvattnets FiskeCamp is located at a branch of the legendary “Fiskevägen” (Route 340) in Sweden.
Fiskevägen is the name for the idyllic route between Krokom in Sweden and Namsos in Norway
featuring an almost never-ending array of natural experiences, including opportunities to go hunting and fishing.
One fishing card allows eager fisherman to a vast paradise of fishing waters along 7 fishing area’s towards the norwegean border.
Beginners to experts, fly fishing to spinning and earnest fishermen to families, this route will have something for everyone.
The route takes you past beautiful fishing waters and rivers famed throughout the world for their salmon fishing,
from pristine forest in the untamed mountain landscapes of Krokom and Lierne through
the fertile valleys of Grong and Overhalla to the fjords and coastal scenery of Namsos.
Each area has its own specialities and character, yet they are united in that they all have something to offer those
who truly value the beauty of nature and not least of all fishing.

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More Information on Hotagen

  1. Gunnarvattnets fvo

Within the Gunnarvattnet fishing administration area we have only native fish stocks which have adapted naturally to their environment – in other words no fish have been introduced to the area.

You can fish for salmon trout and char in the lakes in the wilderness landscape near to the beautiful Hotagen mountains. Why not try your luck with the large trout and whitefish in the lakes Rörsjön and Gunnarvattnet. The area consist of 13 fishing spots.

  • Rörsjön
  • Gunnarvattnet
  • Gunnarvattensån
  • Storplutten
  • Lilltjärn
  • Stortjärn
  • Näppeltjärn
  • Fisklösen
  • Björtjärn
  • Olbengtsatjärn
  • Storetjärn
  1. Rörvattnet-Skogsjö fvo

This area is a little paradise for family fishing. You can find exciting and challenging fishing for all ages and fishing waters are often easily accessible. The road to Stensjön means that even mountain fishing is easy to reach.

Our waters have mainly salmon trout and char and you can choose between the mountains or the forest as an inspirational backdrop to your fishing and other activities.

The area consist of 32 fishing spots.

  • Linntjärnarna
  • Skogsjön
  • Sogsbergstjärn
  • Rundtjärn
  • Stortjärn & Daltjärn
  • Lomtjärn
  • Långtjärn
  • Lilltjärn
  • Stor-Kingen
  • Lill-Kingen
  • Kroktjärn
  • Svarttjärn
  • Stör-Rösjön
  • Gullbergstjärn
  • Bergsjön & Bergsjötjärn
  • Spjuttjärn
  • Nedre Lilla Stensjö
  • Tallsjö
  • Långtjärn
  • Övre Nöjdtjärn
  • Nedre Nöjdtjärn
  • Astjärn
  • Rörvattnet
  • Svarttjärn
  • Bustadtjärn
  • Hanahögtjärn
  • Kroktjärn
  • Lockringen+ån
  • Långmyrtjärn
  • Lill-Veksjön
  • Grubbdalsån
  • Ansåttån



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