Gimån is an approximately 170 kilometre-long forest river that runs through south-eastern Jämtland and parts of central Medelpad. The first 80 kilometres runs through the municipality of Bräcke and the fishing areas available on this website.

Gimån starts in Lake Revsund, just north of Bräcke, between Sundsvall and Östersund in Jämtland. It flows east through Idsjön, Holmsjön and Leringen, until it eventually runs into Ljungan at Torpshammar in Medelpad. It’s an amazing journey through fantastic nature.

Gimån is a favourite among many anglers in running water, particularly for its fine trout fishing. The northern part is one of Jämtland’s best trout waters, especially in early summer. Further downstream becomes grayling the dominant sort, such as in Idsjöströmmen, where many fishermen return annually. There are also a number of lakes that are great fishing grounds for families who would like fish from rowing boats.

The fishing area's are divided into a number of sections:

The Gold Section (1)

  • Kanalen
  • Dammen
  • Sjönacken

The Map will show the area that is marked in Yellow. View

This section has limited number of permits per season, making sure that you are on time when issuing the permits, you can follow the information on our facebook page.

Prices are decided normally in March of each year, prices could range from 350kr per day.

The area stretches from drains from Revsundssjön and down to the outlet in Idsjösjön where road 323 crosses the river at Porridge Inge Stream.
The area also contains the fishing in numerous ponds and lakes.
Best known is perhaps Stavre power, a classic fly fishing stretch:
It stretches more than three kilometers from the exit of Revsundssjön and Lower Bodsjön. The trout predominate, and common size is one to three kilograms. The environment is varied with everything from shiny stream parties to quick, stone-lined streams. From nature's side is Stavre stream perfect for fly fishing with a very rich insect. The fly fisherman should be equipped with rods in Class 4-6 and dry flies, nymphs hatching and for different mayfly- respective nattsländearter. June is the absolute top month for fly fishing!

The Green Section (2)

Fishing Area 2, Green Marked, covering platform. 8 permits / day.
Only fly fishing and fly allowed.
Baglimit: A trout less than 40 cm and grayling at least 35 cm.
Slots available for this fishing license: MUST BE PRE-BOOKED

The Red Section (3)

Fishing Area 3, shown in red, covers Bodsjö pool and the old mainstream. Red fishing license. 8 permits / day in area 3. Fly-fishing / angling.

Belly Boats can be used. This stretch of Stavre power is best suited for fly fishing and spin fishing for mainly pike but also trout. Belly Boats is very helpful here, because it is a calm water. But beware that there are several protected areas adjacent to the route. These are marked on the map with purple dashed region. Baglimit: No more than one trout at least 40 cm and grayling at least 35 cm.

The Orange Section (4)

Fishing area 4, Orange Marked, Includes Bodsjö pool. 8 Permits / day in area 4. Fly fishing / angling. Baglimit: maximum of three fish must be taken with regard to the minimum size, Trout less than 40 cm and grayling at least 35 cm.

Day Permits

Day license for the other streams
Day license terms for those who only want to fish in our streams, except Stavre Stream. An another card exists and is called Gimåns Power Fishing. This is available as a three-day pass, and then cost 450: - plus a weekly ticket which costs 700: -.
You can buy a fishing license to these at the following, Gun Jonsson Porridge No, tel 070-3066008, Kjellbergs Motor Bracke, tel 0693-71500, Bracke Sport o Leisure, tel 0693 to 10,117, or Gimårasten.
Slots available for this fishing license: Bodsjö Power Porridge Inge Power Power Plant Power Medium Power




Fiskevagen (fishing road) starts in Krokom in Jämtland and finishes in Norway a small town called Namsos.

Fiskevägen is the name for the idyllic route between Krokom in Sweden and Namsos in Norway featuring an almost never-ending array of natural experiences, including opportunities to go hunting and fishing. The route takes you past beautiful fishing waters and rivers famed throughout the world for their salmon fishing, from forest hamlets in the untamed mountain landscapes of Krokom and Lierne through the fertile valleys of Grong and Overhalla to the fjords and coastal scenery of Namsos.

Each area has its own specialities and character, yet they are united in that they all have something to offer those who truly value the beauty of nature and not least of all fishing. You can fish from a boat of from the banks, with a net or a rod, in still lakes or in rushing waters. Maybe you also value a good fishing supper.

The accommodation options are many and varied, ranging from a tent and caravan/camper van to snug woodland cabins and luxurious mountain hotels with full board! Whatever you are looking for and whatever your budget you will always find a great place to spend the night

Places to stay on route:

Rorvattnets FiskeCamp

Jet Sleddogs B&B

The area is breath taken by the lakes and rivers in the area.

Find out more view

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