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Welcome to swedishflyfishing your gateway to Jämtland fishing

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Looking in Jämtland, for accommodation, fishing area's, shops to purchase equipment and or permits.

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New to the area, having somebody show you the right waters, taking a guide is a good option

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Färsåns Fritid och Fiskecamp

Färsåns - We are offering affordable accommodations close to some…

Rörvattnet-Skogsjö fvo

Hotagsbygden is a paradise for anglers. The district is by the famous…

Dammån - Jämtland

Dammån is a big river system in Jämtland. Large trout are found…

Rossön Waters

The fishing area is located along Fjällsjöälven and linked by Bodum…

Gesunden - Ragunda

In eastern Jämtland offers Gesundens Fishery Conservation varied…

Stugun Indalsälven Fishing

The fishing area is located far west of the municipality. It bounds…


The are is located well within the nature, a lake that hold trout…


In the lake with a great nature setting one can catch Trout and C…

Trout Char Grayling
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