Övre Hoan FVO

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Upper Hoans FVO is a collection of fishing grounds in Berg municipality located about 12mil south of Östersund. In some lakes, we insert fish such as rainbow trout, brown trout and char. Upper Hoan bidding on naval power and winter fishing. Char premiere is always popular and is well attended.

Upper Hoan is a really comfortable enjoyed fishing with fishing waters close for both children and elderly fisherman and nature lovers.
Upper Hoan is a very nice hand with nice grayling and trout. An excellent rivers for those who want to fly fish or for those who want to engage in stealth fishing is the Hoan ideal for stream fishing for brook trout.

Fish predictions are Great Pond is an accessible Put and Take lake with rainbow trout and char.
Horten a large lake with trout, char and rough nice perch.

Specific details

Fish Species: Trout, Grayling
Water: Lake, River
Features: Upper Hoans Fvof bidding on naval power and winter fishing. Person over 15 years in the company of close person who bought a fishing license can fish free on his fishing quota / license. In Horten & Sörtjärnen it is prohibited to fish from a boat. Trout Fishing in running water banned for 1 / 9-31 / 10 every year. Fishing license is personal, and allows fishing with a rod in hand: Haspel, Spinning, Flug, Met or jigging. Three rods are allowed when boat fishing in Horten. Uttring is allowed in Vitvattssjön, Rammsjön & Sörtjärnen. Other tools are banned!
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Berg, Jämtland


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