Råndalen FVO

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Contact Roland Persson - +46(0)706311507
Pecka Persson -+46(0)706875767
Arne Persson - +46(0)703150169



  • Översjön (lakes) - Trout/Perch
  • Yttersjon (lake) - Trout/Char/Perch
  • Rosslan (river) - Trout
  • Råndan (river) - Trout/Grayling/Pike
  • Lillråndan (river) - Trout
  • Leveråstjärn (lake) - Trout/Char
  • Hammersjötjärn (lake) - Char
  • Puttjärnarna (lake) - Trout/Perch


Specific details

Fish Species: Grayling, Pike, Perch
Water: Lake, River
Features: Small fishery management are
Details: Added by SFF


Råndalen, 84093


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