Fishery conservation!

  •  Release grayling and brown trout that are smaller than 30 cm.
  • Only four fish per permit in managed waters.
  • Release pike bigger than 75 cm and perch bigger than 35 cm.
  • Only five pikes per day are allowed.
  • Only boats owned by locals or boats owned by Hällesjö fvof are allowed in the lakes. 
  • Only hand-held equipment is permitted, with one item of equipment per fisherman (applies to all waters).
  • No fishing in running waters 15/4 - 31/5 and 1/9 - 31/10.
  • Fishing with live bait, such as roach, bleak or similar, is forbidden in managed waters.
  • Follow other rules and regulations relating to fishing in the area.
  • Keep the countryside clean!

Fishing permits are personal and may not be transferred!


Fishing permits can be bought from:

iFiske - och SMS.

Bilisten Kälarne

Kälarne Camping
Cykel & Sport, Hammartstrand

Roland Lundström, Hällesjö

Rolf Lundberg, Hällesjö
Conny Karlin, Hällesjö
Sten Edvardsson, Hällesjö

Åke Edström,  Sörbygden

Specific details

Fish Species: Trout, Grayling, Pike


Bräcke, Jämtland


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