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Peter Sjödin - Östersund

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Mobile: +46(0)70-2104930


Our packages include accommodation, trout and char fishing as well as boating access. Peter Sjödin is also available upon request to be your guide and educate you during your stay. You can stay comfortably in Motorpet where you'll have access to TV and sauna, or you can choose a simpler alternative in a cabin by the water.

Jämtland fisherman, Peter Sjödin, is a well known and appreciated profile in the fishing world. Many probably associate him with the successful TV-Show, Jakt & Fiske med Peter & William (Hunting & Fishing with Peter & William), where Peter has the roll of the fishing expert.

Peter has a lifelong experience of fishing. He has dealt with different kinds of fishing matters during most of his working life, through trade, guiding and teaching courses in several countries, as well as sitting on the county administrative board of Jämtland, in the fishing unit.

Peter was "born with a rod in his hand". He learned the noble art of fishing from his fishing enthusiastic father. Peter says he has caught many and large fish through the years - but coming from the mouth of a big fisherman, one cannot help to question such a statement...

For Peter, fishing is a way of life. It's about passion, commitment and joy. As happy as he can feel over the excellence of functioning fishing waters, he can be just as sad and disappointed when the waters are polluted, abused and ruined. Peter loves to offer fishing experiences to others and see more people experience the excitement, challenges, hardships, joy, fellowship and all the other ingredients of fishing.

A fishing experience with Peter is more than your average fishing trip. It's something to remember and tell your friends and colleagues about. Simply an experience of a lifetime.

Peter and his company can today offer fishing in their own waters. The company Peter Sjödin Fiske also "tailor makes" the fishing adventure according to the clients wishes and level of knowledge. Anything to make the guests experience as optimal as possible.



The area is located approximately 100km north-west of Östersund, close to Skärvången in the municipality of Krokom.

Fishing takes place on the property of AB Person Invest, who offers fishing in three waters which previously have not sold fishing permits.

Båttjärn offers fly-fishing from land or in a float ring. You can be accommodated in a cabin situated amongst beautiful nature only 10 meter from the water. The cabin is equipped with an outhouse and can accommodate up to five people, and is a 20 minute walk from the beamed road.

In Lilldjupvattnet you'll have boating access and accommodation in a cabin for up to five people. The cabin has a gas kitchen, wood stove and outhouse, and is situated 1,5km from the parking area. After that you take the boat for about 20 minutes to the cabin.

Lillbrännvattnet is easy accessible by car. The water is connected with Brännvattsån which is a small stream that offers fly-fishing in some parts.

For more information on general rules for fishing; see the fishing rules in the menu.


The area is situated around Järpen, about 20 km south-east of Åre - 1 abouthours drive from Östersund.

Fishing takes place on the property of AB Persson Invest, a beautiful, naturefilled area which offers fishing in seven different lakes/tarns. Boating access is available in two of the lakes, where there is also access to a windshelters, and two lakes are intended for float ring fishing. One of the tarns offer the possibility of fly-fishing from land.

Due to there being many fishing waters in the area, you have a good chance of catching nice fish. To get access to the area, a key for the beam will be needed.

No fishing will take place during the summer of 2011 in Holmtjärnen or Lyngtjärnen. This is to increase the fishing quality, which is a part of the fishing care plan.

You'll be comfortably accommodated in Motorpet which is a high quality, self-catering establishment with seventeen beds. In the house you'll find a TV, a fridge/freezer, heated floors, running water, a drying cabinet and a sauna. The kitchen is equipped for cooking, wood stove, open stove, fireplace and grilling on nice evenings.


Specific details

Fish Species: Trout, Grayling, Pike, Perch
Water: Lake, River
  • https//natureit.se
  • https://www.fiskekort.se/
  • http://www.ifiske.se/
  • Permits
  • Fly Fishing
  • Bait Fishing
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Östersund, Jämtland
armegrand 6, 83232


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