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Big River Camp

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Storå Burn-Lakavattnets fishing area bordering the Hotagen Nature Reserve about 8 mil north of Krokom. Fishing takes place in a natural setting with a clean and clear water.

Storån have plenty of trout and grayling, and they can provide pleasant experiences with a fly rod. In the lake Lakavattnet can rest strokes with the mountains as a backdrop. The fishery which can provide great trout or pike - and you avoid the mosquitoes out on the lake ...

Support Release of large trout occurs periodically in Lakavattnet and ponds planted trout and char. Right now, the newly planted with trout in Tinker Bell Tarn, Tarn Långviks and trout in crude Tarn and Tarn Rock Bottom.

Fishing permits are only valid for angling with rod brought by hand. Angling fishing license grants the use of the existing one days, and weeks or years. Do you want to rent a boat contact: Tj's Snowmobile & Motor or Harry G.

Specific details

Fish Species: BrownTrout, RainbowTrout, Grayling, Pike
Water: Lake, River
  • Permits
  • Fly Fishing
  • Bait Fishing
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Krokom, Jämtland
Storåbränna 405, 83060



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